Development of ecofriendly composite materials based on geopolymer matrix and reinforced with waste fibers

  • Fecha inicio: 23-11-2016
  • Fecha fin: 31-12-2019
  • Sección: Dpto de Ingeniería - Jefatura

The project is an answer for a specific challenge connected with waste management, recycling and urban mining. The main objective of the project is to prepare a broad spectra of advanced and progressive new fibrebased materials for construction industry with high potential of commercial utilization, especially development of composite materials from waste natural fibres such as: animals and vegetables, for replacing the traditional construction materials. The main adventagus of the project are complexity material and network

Docentes investigadores: kim de aguilar, suyeon (Co-Investigador); sliseris , neslihan (Co-Investigador); dogan-saglamtimur , a (Co-Investigador); janusz , mikuł (Coordinador); aguilar velez, rafael (Co-Investigador) y nakamatsu kuniyoshi, javier (Investigador principal)

Instituciones participantes: Cracow University of Technology; UNIÓN EUROPEA (financiadora); Riga Technical University; Unión Europea (financiadora); BabesBolyai University; CONCYTEC (financiadora); Catholic University of Uruguay Damas Antonio Larrañaga y Polytechnic University of Timiş